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Privacy Policy

Cab Station( defines personal information as follows.

Personal information is any forms of information pertaining to the individual involve. It is identified by the name, address, e-mail address, access records, other descriptions, numbers and signs given to the individual, and images or voice that a person has (Also included are those that are not identifiable by themselves but are easily identified by cross-checking other data.)

About the range of use of personal information

Our purpose of collecting personal information is; for Cab Station, our partners and our cooperative company to accomplish "Hired car reservation" business through the Internet; for the user to see the customized information; and for Cab Station to deliver best information based on the contents of the individual's registration.

Disclosing of personal information to the third party

As a rule, we will not disclose user's personal information without the consent of the person involved and will only be kept private to Cab Station, the managing body of this website, our partners, and our cooperative enterprises who made the non-disclosure agreement with Cab Station.
A part of the site management and the travel business have been consigned to the enterprises or the individuals who made the business contract including the non-disclosure agreement with Cab Station.
*However, personal information may be disclosed in the following situations.

  • The information, content of registration, and the registration profile given by the user can be notified to the third party concerned, the police or related various organizations when Cab Station thinks that the user causes the third party disadvantages. Moreover, when the information, contents of registration, and registration profile given by the user are requested by the court, the public prosecutor’s office, the police, bar association, the consumer affairs bureau and other quasi-official bodies, Cab Station can disclose the information in compliance with the request. Cab Station also deserves the right to disclose such information to protect the right and the property of Cab Station.
  • Cab Station discloses user's statistical information in case we must explain our services to enterprises, advertisers, and other third parties who are our potential cooperative partners, or to use for other legal purposes.

Measures to address unlawful computer access to personal information

Measures to address unlawful computer access to personal information

Managing supervisor
Cab Station Co., Ltd.
CEO Takanobu Kusunoki

About the privacy over the net

Please note that there is a possibility that your personal information you voluntarily disclosed may be collected and may be used by other users on the internet. If personal information is disclosed on the Internet that everyone has access to, you might receive unnecessary messages based on the information posted there.
The user must send information at his/her own risk. Moreover, the enterprises that collect data through this website or enterprises that provide services or the organization that reward and give sales incentives etc. have their own rules and collection regulations that concerns private information.
We cannot assume any obligation and responsibility of their rules and the activities that are independent from our website.