Wheelchair & Stretcher Vehicles

We can provide wheelchairs and stretcher vehicles in Japan.
We can support safe sightseeing trip for those traveling in wheelchairs.
When you need transportation in a stretcher, our well trained staff will assist you.
Please contact us for any kind of your needs.

- There are 4 types of the vehicles : Slope Wheelchair Van, Lift Wheelchair Van, Stretcher Van, and Lift Wheelchair Bus.
- 4 types are available in Tokyo area.
- Please contact us for other areas. Some type are not available according to areas.
- Driver can help passengers get on and get off the vehicle.
- You can use the vehicles for any kind of trip : airport transfers, sightseeing, business occasion, or hospital transfers.

We will send you a quotation as soon as we receive your request.

Slope Wheelchair Van

Van with the slope which can load up wheelchairs.

Lift Wheelchair Van

Van with the lift which can load up wheelchairs.

Stretcher Van

Passenger can get on the van with body lying down on the stretcher.

Lift Wheelchair Bus

Bus with the lift which can load up wheelchairs. It can accomodate up to 8 wheelchairs.

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