Meet & Greet Service

[BUS Meeting Point :SUBARU Building]
From Shinjyuku Station West Exit To Subaru Building

Your Bus waiting for you at the following place.

Shinjuku Station : From B1 Floor

Shinjuku Station

Direction from Shinjyuku West Exit to Subaru BLDG.

Shinjuku 01You follow the sigh of West Exit in the Shinjyuku Station.This view is from Shinjyuku Station premises toward west exit of Shinjyuku Station.

Shinjuku 02Once you come out from the JR Shinjuku West Exit, You will see the JR ticket office on the right side.

Shinjuku 03Please go straight, you will see the police box (Koban) on the right side.

Shinjuku 04After you pass the Police box, you will see the shopping arcade on right side.

Shinjuku 05You go straight on left side of the arcade about 20 meters, you will see the sign of Subaru Building above your head.

Shinjuku 06In addition, you go straight about 15 meters, you will hit the entrance of Subaru building in front of you.

Shinjuku 07You enter the Subaru building, go upstairs and then make a left, you will see the sign of B1.

Shinjuku 08You follow the sign and go upstairs, you will see the Mizuho bank.

Shinjuku 09Turn right on the building, you will see entrance of the Subaru building on ground floor.

Shinjuku 10You walk on the right side of JTB that is next to main entrance of the Subaru building. You will see your bus on the left side of the street.